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Zvechkalica (little rattler) is a cozy studio for music education that organizes clever and creative musical activities for babies and kids from their first days to six years old. We create lessons full of fun activities that promote listening, playing instruments, dancing, singing, with special focus on composing. In warm and joyful atmosphere little heads fill with information and various stimuli that work on developing creativity, and support intellectual and emotional growth. Few times per year we organize open events where we perform music pieces written by our little composers and show a movie collage of interesting moments from our lessons.

Music is proven to be the best vehicle for learning and the best ally in parenting!

While we play and have fun through the discovery of music, instruments, sounds and movements, we are triggering many hidden processes in babies and children’s heads, bodies and hearts.

HEADS are busy listening, discovering, interpreting, understanding, reacting, fixating, tracking, connecting, creating, inventing, imagining, improvising, remembering, connecting and categorizing information.

While BODIES are trying to move by heads’ directions, developing large and fine motor skills through marching, dancing, rocking, turning, banging, ringing and playing piano with fingers moving in several different ways and movements.

All the while, HEARTS are beating fast in excitement caused by so many new impressions, situations, sounds, rhythms, songs, and mommy and daddy’s warm touch and cheerful smile.

As time goes by, together we enter deeper into the exciting world of music that waits on our little ones to use and claim it for all their needs and occasions.

Music will become an important member of your family! It will always be there for our little ones to understand, follow their mood and change it for the better, inspire, move, give confidence, keep the faith in greater good, restore trust in people and lead to wonderful new worlds in their imagination.

You will see, in time, the little ones will develop a great love for music and art in general, a sense for true values, love of learning and research and, above all, develop their abilities, talents and skills needed for their happy and prosperous future. 

Did you know about our…
ONLINE DIARIES that we provide once you enroll?! 🙂 ❤ 🙂


Zvechkalica music workshops are full of wonderful and exciting moments that everyone wants to record for their memories. ❤ Which is exactly why all our classes are filmed, then stored and shared with parents. We create separate Google Drive folders with each family that become our online diaries, and together we collect photos, videos and written memories of moments from workshops so that, at the end of the year, we are able to make a beautiful video of all the wonderful moments from Zvechkalica. 🙂 ❤

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You will be happy to know that we try to organize special music workshops for toddlers and preschoolers without parents, in order to provide them with quality activities that will support their growth and development through fun and loving moments. We want to use our music activities to help them fulfill their potential in life by developing skills, as well as, love for school and learning, creating inner mental and emotional support, stronger confidence, better faith in the world and people around them, with joyful, warm and loving moments that they will remember for the rest of their lives. In time, as Zvechkalica groups grow and transform into a proper early-years music education center, the children with no parents will be able to attend smart music workshops regularly, as part of their basic care.

Maja Bosnic is a composer and music teacher from Belgrade with great experience in working with preschool children. She received her PhD Diploma in Music Composition at Goldsmiths University of London in UK and MA Diploma in Music Education at Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade. In year 2015, she started first licensed programme for musical stimuli of early developmenet for babies and children from their first days to six years old, and has been devoted to it ever since. She is a proud mom of a four-year-old boy and two two-year-old girls.

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